Chord Charts

Here’s a set of free chord charts for bluegrass fiddle tunes to download and keep. I’ve included the standard chords for each tune, and charts using the Nashville number system, plus a separate sheet for any where guitar players traditionally use a capo.

If you need TABs for any of the tunes featured in the podcast, Lessons With Marcel has a great selection for guitar (at various levels) and also for mandolin.

If you want something a bit more in-depth I can’t recommend ArtistWorks highly enough. I’m having guitar lessons from Bryan Sutton and it’s changed the way I play completely!

Support Bluegrass Jamalong

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I don’t get paid to promote either Lessons With Marcel or ArtistWorks, but I do get a small commission from ArtistWorks on any signups that come through Bluegrass Jam Along. It doesn’t cost you any more but does help support the podcast.

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