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I love jamming along to backing tracks when I’m learning a fiddle tune. But I struggle to find backing tracks I like. That’s because most of them…

Are too short

I don’t know about you but it generally takes me one or two run throughs to warm up – by that point most backing tracks are over.

Only give you the backup

Having rhythm to practice the tune to is great – but I also want the tune to practice my rhythm to (and maybe even sometimes work up a harmony)!

Aren’t like a jam session

When you jam with real people you take it in turns – if you just practice rhythm or backup, it doesn’t really feel like a jam.

So…I started making my own backing tracks and I’m releasing them as a podcast, one tune at a time, so you can use them too!

They work with whatever instrument you play. Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, bass, banjo…even if you’re a bluegrass cellist (I have actually met one!)

Making these tracks has helped me become a better player. Hopefully they’ll help you too.

About me

My name’s Matt. I play bluegrass on guitar and mandolin but I’m not a pro musician – I’m just a regular picker like you who has a day job but loves playing bluegrass. That means…

  • These tracks aren’t recorded in a state of the art Nashville studio – they’re recorded by me, at home in London (did I mention I’m a Brit?)
  • They’re not note perfect – they’ll feel like exactly what they are, jamming along with another picker who loves bluegrass
  • I’m not teaching you anything – we’re just jamming. There are so many amazing resources for learning fiddle tunes out there. This podcast lets you use whichever version of the tune you’ve learned, wherever you learned it (from a book, DVD, YouTube, your teacher, at a local jam…)

Happy picking!

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